Accrington & District Bonsai Society


Hippings Vale Community Centre Oswaldtwistle

We are a small group of local enthusiasts. Our monthly meetings are informal, friendly and relaxed. This year we particularly want to encourage new members and there are special nights of interest all through the year.


Each month members bring their best condition trees for display and you are encouraged to do so to. These can be photographed for your development records and can be seen on the ADBS website.


We have a raffle with prizes brought by the members each month. You are encouraged to bring anything that you think will make a good raffle prize. Plant swaps and sales are encouraged and the ADBS will be very grateful for a donation if you sell trees or plants on a club night.


Some members also attend classes and courses which they will be happy to tell you about. We cater for all aspects in Bonsai - from the very personal growing and designing for personal taste, to European level Exhibition bonsai.

Who are the Accrington & District Bonsai Society

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