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We are a friendly Bonsai club who welcome enthusiasts who are complete beginners, to those with decades of Bonsai experience. Our monthly meetings are friendly and relaxed and offer specific themed talks, demonstrations, workshops and auctions with experienced members always on hand to offer help and advice. We also provide 4 additional evening and full-day workshops and for those who wish to show their trees, we display at many local events and garden centres throughout the year.


The addition evening workshops are a great way to bring in your trees and have a chat with our experienced members or just come in to see what the club is about.


Over the years we have invited well known Bonsai Artist to give us a talk on the numerous facits of the bonsai experiece or to run a weekend workshop for up to 10 members to delevop your trees further.


At our annual show we invite a Bonsai artist as a judge to award prizes to our members for merit awards, best in class and best in show.


The club auctions are another way to expand your collection or get raw material to practice your bonsai skills

Feel free to get in touch via our facebook group (below), our contact page (Contact Us)or come along to one of our monthly meetings and see if you like our friendly group.


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Members trees in Development


Ray's Bonsai

Ray is one of our very experienced members and has created a growing number of videos on Youtube Click here for Ray's Bonsai to view those videos.


Large Oak


This oak came out a members allotment in March 2020, just before lockdown, it was a large tree and has been put into its first bonsai pot on 2023. The main features of any bonsai tree is the nebari where you are looking for a nice root spread, followed by a nice tapered trunk. You then look to develop a good branch distribution and  the ramification of the main branches to form the shape of the tree. On this tree a thread graft has been performed to improve the balance of the main branches. Still some way to go on this tree over the coming years as these things can't be rushed.


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